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The transmitter sits on top of the tank and using
ultrasonic level measurement techniques, constantly
measures the level of oil in the tank.
It then transmits that information to the receiver which
is plugged into an electric wall socket, located in a
convenient place within the house.
The height of the liquid is displayed on a LCD screen
on the receiver. The householder can monitor the level
of oil in their tank from inside their home.
When the level of oil in the tank gets below 10%,
the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears, and an
option of a buzzing tone, indicating to the householder
that it is time to order some more oil.
In the event of the oil level in the tank dropping at
a rate that is not common for a domestic oil tank
(more than 1.5cm a minute) the receiver will emit an
audible alarm (WatchmanAlarm product only).
Howdoes it work
Kingspan Sensor
we design and manufacture an award-winning range of
specialist telemetry enabled equipment for level measurement and reporting
of fuel, water, materials and cold storage.
Uses a transmitter on top
of the tank and ultrasonic
level measurement techniques
to measure, continually,
the level of oil in a tank.
This electronic measuring
gauge will set off an alarm
at the receiver in the house
when there is a dramatic
drop in oil levels.
Alarm feature
(WatchmanAlarm product only).
One model fits all.
Quick and easy to install.
Suitable for steel or plastic tanks.
12 months replacement guarantee.
Lower power consumption.
200 metre transmitter to receiver range.
Measures tanks up to 3 metres in height.
Option of an audible setting sending out
a buzzing tone when oil levels run low.
We are full members of the LP Gas Association, ALGED,
FPS and Oftec. Our products have been approved by such
organisations as BASEEFA and BABT (Green Dot) and we
are ISO9002 and UKAS Quality Management approved.