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Rainwater Harvesting & Water Storage
Need Help?
We advise you to contact
the Technical Team:
Tel: 028 3836 4477
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options and
Meet our staff
local to you
KingspanWater has a team of Area
Sales Managers located across UK and
Ireland. On hand to offer experience
and knowledge of product, they provide
guidance on component selection,
design calculations and projected cost
savings. For larger systems or unusual
applications, our qualified engineers can
work directly with your own project team.
Remotely viewand log your
system’s operational data
Real-time information is on hand,
including amount of rainwater captured,
mains & harvested water consumed, tank
levels, and water temperature.
This scope of data can be logged over specific
periods and is compatible with (BMS) Building
Management Systems and associated
alarm systems.
The data can be portable too - providing
remote monitoring of data and remote
download capabilities via any web browser
onto tablets or laptops.