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Solar thermal hot water systems
use the sun’s energy to heat your domestic hot water,
and can provide as much as 70%of your hot water needs over the course of a year.
An array of high performance solar tubes on the roof can form a key part of your
home energy management. They are included in the Government’s proposed
Renewable Heat Incentive that will see homeowners rewarded for using renewable
heating technology, so you can also save money. There is a choice of systems
available depending on your requirements.
Generates free hot water.
Environmentally friendly.
Reduces carbon footprint.
Cuts your energy
bills up to 60%.
Works efficiently in all
weather conditions.
MCS approved.
Solar Collector
You need to decide where your solar
collector will be positioned on your house.
To get the best efficiency, the collector
should be installed facing due south at an
angle of 30-40°. Vacuum tubes can be
rotated to help compensate for less than
perfect roof angles in order to maximise
energy absorption.
Solar Collector size
It is important that the solar hot water
system is sized correctly in relation to the
number of occupants in your house to
maximize efficiency. There are two typical
collector sizes for homes – a 2m
for a home with one or two adults or a 3m
collector for one with three to five adults.
A twin coil hot water storage tank
enables energy input from the central
heating system to the top half of the tank
and energy input from solar system to the
bottom half of the tank. We recommend a
stainless steel unit for use in a pressurised
system and copper for use in an open
vented system.
Install with Confidence
To ensure that you receive the highest
standards of conduct, workmanship and
customer service, Kingspan has introduced
a national network of accredited installers,
to bring peace of mind to those looking
to install renewable hot water systems.
Please visit our website for up-to-date
list of KSAI’s.
Solar Thermal Technologies
We supply the complete solar hot water system